Find your WayOut to the outdoors.

The WayOut system will transform your truck into a custom flatbed camper without limiting your maneuverability off-road. Making it the perfect 4x4 camper setup for your next overland adventure.

It's a teardrop camper on a flatbed.

The WayOut box is a highly customizable camper solution that combines all the perks of a flatbed with a 4x4 camper. It's basically a teardrop trailer, on a flatbed. Giving you more freedom to defy rugged terrain and explore the outback on your next overland trip comfortably.

Perfect blend between a pickup truck and a camper

The WayOut camper comes with a flatbed suitable for most truck sizes. The flatbed is easily installed on any pickup truck, replacing the platform. The flatbed allows for easy access and bigger transport capabilities with and without the camper box on it.

The pickup camper unit itself is available in three sizes. 6' by 7', 7' by 7' or 7' by 8' depending on the model of your pickup truck. All models are fully customizable inside and out with wraps, automotive paint (including color matching to your pickup truck), lamination and even real wood veneer finishing for the inside.

A roomy living space to sleep and relax

The sleeping area of all units is 7' by 4' and all models are 4' high, allowing comfortable seating and enough room to move around. No matter where you make camp, sleep comfortably in the well-ventilated cabin that has 7.5R-value insulation. Keeping you sheltered and protected from weather influences.

A world of possibilities

The side of the WayOut camper folds upwards, revealing a kitchen area with a fridge, 2nd awning, folding table, lights and more than enough space to neatly pack your overland gear without any trouble. The bigger the model, the more storage space will be available. Leaving you with extra space for customization options and overland gear in our lightweight truck campers.

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2nd fridge

If one fridge doesn't cut it for your overland setup, don't worry. You can always upgrade to a second one in the WayOut flatbed campers.

Electric systems upgrade

Roof rack

A roof rack the same size as the truck flatbed, which nearly covers the full custom camper. Large enough to carry bikes, canoes, kayaks, solar panels or any other overland gear.